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Public Speaking and Presentations

What to expect when working with me:

  • My belief is that the desire to change is the most potent, determining factor in achieving change.
  • I use evidence based counseling methods and 20 years of professional counseling experience.
  • I have genuine interest in you and your concerns.
  • I provide authenticity, personalized guidance, and caring support.
  • I offer respectful and compassionate listening.
  • I operate in an interactive style: I offer professional guidance, suggestions, feedback, and I will keep us on track.
  • Our time together is yours. I am fully present and engaged with you. I do not run an agenda.

The climate of safety and confidentiality lies at the core of our work together. With my ability to create comfort and ease in exploring your concerns and feelings, we make space for new ways of thinking and being in the world.

Not all clients and Therapists are a good match for each other, which is why I offer a no obligation and free phone consultation to determine if my skills and personality are a good match for your needs. If what you’re seeking in counseling does not fall within the scope of my expertise, I will be clear and offer you other resources, so that you may find what you’re seeking in a Therapist.

Your needs are my priority.