Listen to Katherine’s work-in-action in these engaging podcast interviews.

  • Keeping the Love & a Whole lot more
    “Do you have a mate who hoards? Does it feel like your mate is more interested in their things than you? Is your house, your home, and your life being taken over by things? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, make sure you tune in to this episode with expert Katherine Hanson. She shares wonderful insights and information with Dr. Karen about how to handle this messy situation!”
  • Helping create a smooth blend (part 1 and part 3)
    Part 1: “It’s very common in today’s world for couples to divorce and then remarry. The new couple has it’s challenges especially if they’re also blending families. There are potentially stuck points of all sorts as well as for different age groups. Part one focuses on ways to deal with younger children and how to make this new mix blend in the most effective way possible for all.”

    Part 3: “In the last of our 3-part series, Katherine Hanson returns to round out the information about blended families. This episode is about how the new couple deals with older children. Regardless of the fact that the kids are older, there are potential stuck points here as well. She and Dr. Karen offer more solid information on possible traps and how to handle them.”

  • To Grandmas House we go
    “The reality of today’s dual career couple or single parent family requires calling upon grandparents to help with child care. Though the help can be a welcome resource, it can also come with challenges. Katherine Hanson and Dr. Karen look into the both positive and negative aspects of this arrangement. Help is on the way – both from the older generation and the experts!”