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Individual Counseling

In times of stress or conflict, we can lose our perspective, feel stuck, unsure, and are often unable to see that we do have choices. Are you changing careers? Are you having relationship problems? Are you feeling agitated, restless, or unfulfilled? Sometimes we need a lifeline, a sounding board, and the skills of a professional counselor.

I am here to help you navigate the twists and turns that life brings. You may have a specific situation, or a more general, broad sense of what you want to achieve in our work together, or just a sense that you’re stuck in a rut. I will listen carefully to you, your concerns, and your challenges. I will use my experience, skills, training, and careful listening to help you create, refine, or define your goals.

Give me a call to schedule your free 15 minute consultation, and we’ll start the journey back to peace and happiness together.

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