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Individual Counseling

  • Are you changing careers?
  • Are you having relationship problems?
  • Are you feeling unfulfilled?

Give me a call to schedule your no cost consultation, and we’ll start the journey back to peace and contentment together.

For Individuals wanting relationship counseling when only one partner is seeking counseling:

I am trained in a variety of couples counseling methods to help you gain clarity about your relationship. I believe that one person can change relationship dynamics by changing how they interact. Though we will not use the Gottman protocol (as outline above) it is possible to gain clarity on relationship issues and work on personal skills that can help you in all your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

*I trained with Michelle Wiener-Davis author of Divorce Busting, and studied the work of Sue Johnson/Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gay and Katie Hendrick, as well as other contemporary marriage and relationship couples theorists.  I am listed on the National Registry for Marriage Friendly Therapists.

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