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Hakomi therapy is a form of mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy developed by Ron Kurtz in the 1970s.

“Therapy is first about discovering. It’s about who you are and about what your deepest emotional attitudes are. It’s not just about who you think you are. It’s not opinion. It’s not something you can know with the intellect. It’s about who you are in the very heart of yourself. That’s the flavor of psychotherapy, discovering yourself, discovering your real attitudes toward the most important pieces of your life.” – Ron Kurtz, Hakomi Founder

Hakomi facilitates a highly attuned relationship between therapist and client. This rapport supports individuals as they mindfully explore unconscious experiences that limit life or cause unnecessary suffering. This exploration results in an increased clarity, creativity, confidence and awareness in the present moment.

I have been training with the Seattle Hakomi Education Network (SHEN) since 2005. SHEN is a community of Certified Hakomi Therapists, teachers, and trainers who share the goal of bringing the Hakomi Method of body centered psychotherapy to the Puget Sound Area. SHEN is one of many Hakomi organizations that comprise and International Network created in 2001 by the founder and originator of the Hakomi Method, Ron Kurtz.

I have completed a year long, advanced level II Hakomi training (2013), and my Hakomi certification is in process with SHEN. I assist clients by using appropriate therapeutic techniques and may incorporate Hakomi in our work together, however, I do not use Hakomi with all clients.

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