happy couple holding hands

Couples Counseling

What to expect when working with me:

  • Patient and compassionate listening to your couples challenges.
  • My belief is that the desire to change is the most potent, determining factor in achieving change.
  • Fairness and respect for each partner.
  • Fourteen years’ experience working with couples.
  • A knowledge base through completion of Gottman level III training (2003).
  • Gottman certified Community Educator in The Seven Principals For Making Marriage Marriage Work
  • … seeking to enhance an already healthy relationship, for couples that are facing relationship challenges, and couples that are in distress:

    Utilizing the Gottman Method, we initially will have four sessions together.

    1. Session #1: Our first meeting, getting to know what is going on in your relationship, with the safety of having a neutral third party moderate the conversations to keep them productive and on track.
    2. Sessions #2 & 3:  Each partner meeting with me individually.  This session provides me an opportunity to meet each partner to hear your concerns.
    3. A confidential online couples targeted assessment (taken by each partner independently), and developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman.
    4. Session 4 and beyond: An In-depth analysis of your relationship based on the Relationship Check -Up, together we will discuss the results highlighting the strengths and areas of satisfaction in your relationship and areas of challenge.  This includes a personalized plan to work on the challenging areas while building on the relationship strengths that will bring about the shift towards increasing productive communication, building trust, and intimacy.  We also will also strengthen communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • … when only one partner is seeking counseling:

    I am trained in a variety of couples counseling methods to help you gain clarity about your relationship. I believe that one person can change relationship dynamics by changing how they interact. Though we will not use the Gottman protocol (as outline above) it is possible to gain clarity on relationship issues and work on personal skills that can help you in all your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

    *I  trained with Michelle Wiener-Davis author of Divorce Busting, and studied the work of Sue Johnson/Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gay and Katie Hendrick, as well as other contemporary marriage and relationship couples theorists.  I am listed on the National Registry for Marriage Friendly Therapists.

  • I trained with John and Julie Gottman in the Gottman method starting in 2003, and have completed the highest level of training in The Gottman Method Couples’ Counseling (Level III). 

    Dr. Gottman dedicated over 40 years of research and work with couples in order to find out the difference between what happy couples did that unhappy couples did not do. Together with his wife, Julie, they developed a highly effective, internationally recognized, successful method to resolve couples’ conflicts to get even distressed relationships back on track. I am Certified by The Gottman Institute as a Program Educator for The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work and listed on the Gottman Counseling Referral website.

  • Check back soon for information on my 2016 Couples Workshop Schedule.